Dear Church Family,


Over the past fifty years, Christ Church has experienced a handful of “defining moments” that have shaped our future.

In 1967, Christ Church was a small congregation, meeting in a gym, facing all the financial pressures new churches do. However, in May of that year, those founders chose to hold a “Missions Emphasis Day.” The $918 they committed that morning set the church on a course that has since sown more than $31 million of help and hope into mission fields around the corner and world.

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In 1968, a core group of 82 households made sacrificial commitments of generosity to build the first phase of a church campus dedicated to attracting and growing more disciples. Though they were a congregation of only 400, in faith they built a sanctuary to seat 1,200. In the coming decades, God would multiply that seed to give us the campus we now enjoy, and a membership of 6,000 disciples.

All along the way, our congregation and its leaders have dared to do what it takes to keep renewing the church and reaching the next generation of disciples. That innovative spirit was evident again in 1996 when the Board of Trustees chose a successor for our founding pastor who was as young as Dr. DeKruyter was when he first began. Their leap of faith led to a second season of flourishing for Christ Church.

This passionate desire to draw more people into a life of worship, growth, and service, was particularly evident in 2009, when we launched our 2HC service. We believed that by providing the same faithful preaching in a less formal, more communal worship setting we could reach hundreds more people. That pioneering service of 300 in our student center is now filling the Fellowship Hall with more than 1,100 attendees weekly and is already outgrowing the space.

There are many more stories like this in our history—moments of courageous generosity and daring innovation motivated by faithfulness to Christ’s call.

We now stand at another defining moment, critical to the future of Christ Church. We are calling this next season of ministry TAKE ROOT. Our vision for the next season of God’s grace in and through Christ Church is not just for improvement in buildings and programs but for significant change in hearts and lives.

In the next two years at Christ Church, we seek to: ROOT our lives more deeply in Christ for the sake of others, GROW capacity on our Oak Brook campus for long-term vitality and impact, and EXTEND flourishing to thousands of others through our 2020 strategic plan.

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Rev. Dr. Daniel Meyer, Senior Pastor


Take Root


In the next two years we seek to:

  • Root our lives more deeply in Christ for the sake of others.

  • Grow capacity at our Oak Brook campus for long-term vitality and impact.

  • Extend flourishing to thousands of others through our 2020 strategic plan.