Flourish Small Groups

Many times life-change happens in smaller communities of people. Small groups can meet anywhere such as in people’s homes or coffee shops; and offer great opportunities to grow closer to new Christian friends and in your faith.

For our upcoming Flourish series, we are asking everyone to consider joining a small group as we continue to root ourselves more deeply in Christ for the sake of others. The five-week series kicks off October 14/15 and we will provide all the curriculum to support the small group.

Are you interested in leading a small group? We are looking for  more small group leaders! If you have been considering a more active role but have been wary of the commitment, now is the perfect time to step up because hosting has never been easier. We will provide everything you need: the training, curriculum, and even the people (though you are free to form your own group)!


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For more information, please contact Randi Lundgren at rlundgren@cc-ob.org.