Inspire. Encourage. challenge.

What we ask of you...

As we move through this study, we pray God speaks to each of us regarding our participation. We believe you will identify yourself in one of three groups:



You recently joined our church family and are wondering, "What is Take Root and how do I become a part of it?" Take Root is for all Christ church members and attenders. We welcome you to the family and hope you will feel INSPIRED to join us on this journey and consider making a 12-month generosity commitment to Take Root.



Others of us made a commitment one year ago and we want to continue to nourish your soul. Perhaps for some of us, this journey has been as difficult - or possibly more difficult than we had envisioned. Maybe you have gone to a completely new level in your generosity and are still adjusting your life to it, maybe you have experienced job loss, job change, or unexpected medical expenses. Persevere to finish strong in this journey you began. We all stand together, encouraging one another. We know the Lord is faithful. He will provide, and we want to ENCOURAGE you spiritually in your commitment to Take Root. 



Some of us made our Take Root commitment one year ago, and it is possible that we had an increase in faith or finances. It is not that keeping our commitment has been easy, because it has likely required a lot of sacrifice, but you may be sending the Lord stretching you to take an additional step of faith in your generosity. We CHALLENGE you to respond to His leading in increasing your commitment. Generosity is not a one-time event; it is a journey. Consider asking yourself these questions: Am I still giving in a way that challenges me? Am I still taking root for the sake of others? Pray and ask if He is inviting you into another step of faith with an increased commitment to Take Root. 

Throughout 2017, the Lord blessed us with His presence and favor so we could be a blessing to our community and our world. He has given us every reason to trust Him, knowing He is a good father who gives us good gifts. We respond to His goodness by honoring Him. We respond to His mercy, His grace, His Gospel by Taking Root more deeply in Him for the sake of others.