Africa Initiative

The Africa Initiative is located in and around the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya where we are working with two longstanding Global Mission Partners to create sustainable mission partnerships with some of the poorest of the poor. There are a wealth of opportunities in Kenya for Christ Church to be involved in helping educate and equip young African disciples for greater Christian outreach in their own communities. 

In the Mathare Valley slum, our partner Dotun Modupe is helping us come alongside the Mathare Mission School to better equip teachers and students for quality education. Approximately 600,000 people live in shacks of tin and cardboard in this massive slum, with as many as 8-10 people living in ten square foot rooms with dirt floors. In the midst of such heartache, we are helping to provide repairs to classrooms, sponsoring a program to encourage teacher retention, and underwriting a micro-enterprise savings-for-life ministry that will help families living on less than $1.00 per day to pay for school fees. Although the Mathare Valley is one of the most dangerous places in Nairobi, these young disciples radiate the love of Christ in ways that touch the hearts of everyone they meet. 

 Jesus said, “let the children come unto me” and that is exactly what is happening at the Navasha Mission School in a rural area north of Nairobi. In this remote region of Kenya, we are working with Paul Manyara to provide resources to enhance the Christian education of secondary school students in this under resourced Christian school. Christ Church is helping build a library, science lab, additional classrooms, a dining hall, and a computer resource room so they can continue to grow in Christ while preparing themselves for college and meaningful work. We are also providing teacher training, leadership development, and the resourcing of books and Bibles for everyday use. 

The Africa Initiative needs your prayers. Stay connected to what God is doing around the corner and across the globe; and thank you for your commitment to Take Root and your love for all of God’s children.