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two year goal | Giving To Date

November 26, 2016 through August 31, 2018

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Sara Harris Take Root Testimony

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July Construction update


Goodwin Take Root Testimony

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June Quarterly Update

We are excited about the growth happening in our church, not just in our physical campus, but in the hearts and lives of so many here, near, and far. Read our latest Take Root Quarterly Update here!

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June Construction update

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Parking Lot Update

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Now that we’re settled into our expanded parking lot along York Road, it’s time to begin resurfacing the west lot. Starting This phase of the construction project will occur in two stages to maximize the amount of parking spaces. 

To assist all weekend worshipers during this time, we will have the following accommodations in place:

  • A shuttle from the west portion of the West Lot directly to Door 2
  • A shuttle from Door 2 to Butler School as overflow parking, and then back to Door 2
  • An additional pedestrian walkway along the east side of the pond road

Once again, we thank you for your patience and flexibility during these changes. This will bring our overall Christ Church construction project one step closer to completion!

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King take root testimony

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April Construction update

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Family Ministry Generosity Project

Pencils for Kenya

For a child in Kenya, a single pencil can make a world of a difference. Families have to save for a very long time to buy one. When children receive one, many break it in half to keep part of it for safe keeping. The Christ Church Family Ministry is working to deliver the hope and tools needed to help our young friends across the globe. Watch below to see the impact you can help us make for the sake of others.

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Lutey Take Root Testimony

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Christ Church Downers Grove

Christ Church Downers Grove has been growing over the past two months. Take a look at how this new branch of the Christ Church family is spreading the life-changing love of Jesus to those around them. 

March construction update

News worth celebrating

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Garst Family take root testimony

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Share Your Story!

What does this Take Root commitment mean to you and your family? We are looking for people willing to share their story! We want to hear how your Take Root journey has brought you closer to Christ. Please consider inspiring others by sharing your story about how Christ Church has impacted your life!

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February Missions Update

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January construction update

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The construction team is keeping it interesting! Just like that, the yellow walls turned blue, and we can finally see what the worship venue will look like from inside. Take a look!

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Downers Grove Update - January 22, 2018

The 180 members of the Founding Core of Christ Church Downers Grove are hard at work, preparing for the grand launch of our first multisite branch on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2018! Here's a glimpse into the practice and preparation that has been taking place this month!

For more info on all things Christ Church Downers Grove, visit our website.

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December construction update

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Every week, there are new developments to see on the Christ Church construction site. Watch the latest drone footage of the progress here!

Final Beam Raising - November 27, 2017


On a chilly morning in late November, the staff of Christ Church watched one of the final large, exterior pieces of the new worship venue, raised to its place in the grand structure. Visit our construction page for the details!

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Christ Church Downers Grove

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Inspire. Encourage. Challenge.

Over the past year the Lord blessed us with His presence and favor so we could be a blessing to others. Please pray that God continues to inspire, encourage, and challenge each of us in this journey. That He speaks to us regarding our own participation. And, that we respond to His mercy, His grace, and His gospel by Taking Root more deeply in Him for the sake of others. What does that look like for you?

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Flourish  Sermon Series

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Over the past 12 months, God has been stretching and growing us in ways we never thought possible through our Take Root journey. And we’re not stopping there! Join us for this 5-week series starting October 14/15, “Flourish”, as we dive into the inspiring book of Acts and take a deep look into how God can use us for the flourishing of His Kingdom.

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Grow In Your Faith

Join A Flourish Small Group

At Christ Church, we believe that, many times, life-change happens in smaller communities of people. As we approach our Flourish series on the inspiring book of Acts, we are encouraging everyone to get into a small group. 

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If you missed it, we announced the first-ever multisite branch of Christ Church - Christ Church Downers Grove - in worship services. Click here to see the exciting announcement from Rev. Dr. Dan Meyer and Rev. Eric Camfield and learn more about the season ahead!

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Flourish Vision Trailer

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Flourish Small Group Leaders

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As we approach the mid-point of our Take Root journey, we are excited to kick-off our new Flourish Series. Last year, the church-wide Take Root small groups made a tremendous impact on hundreds of lives and we hope to grow that impact even more this year with Flourish small groups! If you have been considering a more active role but have been wary of the commitment, we have the perfect opportunity for you. We have 80 leader spots left to fill for this five-week study and hosting has never been easier. Each group would contain 8-10 people for 90-minute sessions each week. We’ll provide everything you need: the training, curriculum, and even the people (though you are free to form your own group)!

Feeling called to lead? Visit the Small Groups page to register.

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August Construction Update 

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Children's and Student
Ministry Summer Recap

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Take Root Update | June 2017

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Groundbreaking Ceremony


Africa and Roosevelt road serve opportunities

We are making great strides in extending our reach and spreading the love of Jesus Christ through our Roosevelt Road and Africa Initiatives. Many from our church family have already begun to follow God’s call to make an impact in these communities and we would like to invite you to do the same. From GO Team trips to Kenya to heartfelt prayers, there are many ways for you to be personally involved in these initiatives near and far. We would love for you to partner with us in being the hands and feet of Jesus in these two parts of the world. If you feel called to serve in any capacity, please stop by the SERVE Desk in the Commons on Sundays where you can find more information about how you can get involved or contact the Missions Ministry at 630.321.3921.

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Africa initiative Update

record-breaking first big give

We are excited to share that we made history once again the week of November 25/26 with our first big give to Take Root! Through the grace of God and the generosity of our church family, we had a record weekly offering of $1.05 million. Please join us in praising God for his amazing vision for us to root our lives more deeply in Christ for the sake of others.

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Reveal Weekend

Through the generosity of God’s Spirit at work in the life and heart of Christ Church, we have just made the largest single commitment in the history of any American church our size. That is just awe-inspiring!

In addition to reaching our primary Take Root goal of rooting our lives more deeply in Christ for the sake of others, we have committed more than $40,691,539.05 over the next two years to:

  • Establishing two new branches of Christ Church out in the communities around us
  • Investing more deeply along the Roosevelt Road corridor and other local mission partners
  • Helping with community development and evangelism in Africa
  • Expanding the number of seats for people to come and join us for worship and fellowship
  • Recovering the use of our fellowship hall
  • Expanding accessibility for people with mobility challenges
  • And so much more!
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Commitment Weekend

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One Evening Made A Lifetime Of Impact

It is not every day that we ask our church family to attend worship in a tent. Stranger still, we held this service during game three of the Chicago Cubs playing a home game in the World Series! Yet, more than 600 of our leaders, volunteers, and our entire church staff came together on October 28 for a very pointed purpose—to lead out in their commitment to Take Root. If you were here, you felt God’s vision moving in and through each of us as we worshiped together, heard stories of transformation, and listened to a profound message from Rev. Dr. Dan Meyer. 

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take root vision